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No sew facemask clip.

Download stl files from thingiverse

Turn a square piece of cloth into a Facemask!

  • Kid size clip: Acorn_MaskClip_k2.stl
  • Adult size clip: The other .stl files. (Same except for what is printed on them: Physics, Dayton, Strong, etc

Materials to make a two layer thick mask:

  • ~10.5 by 16-18 inch piece of cloth
  • 30-35 inch of elastic
  • 2 3-D printed clips


  • Fold the cloth in half, to end up with a 10.5 by ~8” piece of cloth.
  • Fold the cloth like a paper fan so that you end up with a 10.5 by ~2” piece of cloth
  • Place the folded cloth end into the clip with the angled base pointing inward of the cloth. (See pictures below)
  • Slide the top clip piece into the clip
  • Repeat the last two steps on the other side.
  • Add the elastic


NOTE: This facemask does not replace a N95 mask. It simply masks a easy to create cloth mask. NO CLAIMS are made on Coronavirus protection.

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